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Located in the heart of the Financial District just steps away from City Hall, World Trade Center, Tribeca and the revitalized Seaport, Chef Daniel Boulud welcomes you to Le Gratin. From the moment Chef Daniel Boulud could hold a spoon, he remembers savoring his mother’s potato dish – Le Gratin Dauphinois, a favorite he remains to make on all celebratory occasions. The symbolic and casual restaurant connects Chef Daniel with the traditional bistros and bouchons of his hometown of Lyon, France, known for their welcoming ambiance and soulful cuisine.

The rustic menu reflects a soulful approach to seasonality, bright flavors, and classic techniques highlighting special ingredients from local purveyors. Lyonnais classics such as “Quenelle de Brochet au Gratin” and “Steak Tartare à la Parisienne” share space with seasonal dishes and “Plat du Mois” – a rotating dish of the month showcasing regional cuisine, meant to share.

Our wine list boasts more than 100 offerings, with a special focus on the wine radius around Lyon, including Beaujolais, Maconnais, Côte de Vienne and Collines Rhôdaniennes. The cocktail menu features both classic selections as well as fragrant French Mauresque and red wine Kir Communard, drinks customarily enjoyed in the bouchons of Lyon. An excellent selection of fortified wines and bitter liqueurs are offered as aperitifs and digestifs.

Full of charm, Le Gratin’s interior design transports guests to the bright and boisterous bistros of France. Marble floors, wooden chairs, cigar-colored banquettes and decorative detailed tiles featuring garden flowers and cockatoos adorn the walls, contributing to the restaurant’s whimsical character, while the coffered ceilings and mirrored accents make the space feel bright and airy. Marc Dennis, a local Brooklyn-based artist, known for his hyper-realistic paintings, contributed several floral-themed pieces to be featured throughout the dining room.

Bon Appetit


Anais Bestvater

General Manager

Christina D’Angelo

Executive Chef